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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing harsh prison conditions typically used to house “terrorists”, his legal team said yesterday.

“I’m being treated as if I were a terrorist,” Khan told Naeem Haider Panjutha, Khan’s spokesman for legal affairs who met him at the highly fortified prison in Attock.

Panjutha said that he is the only person who has been allowed to meet Khan since his arrest last Saturday. The former prime minister was put in a dingy room that has an open toilet. The only facility in his prison cell is a fan, Panjutha said.

“His morale is high, and he would continue the fight for the rule of law at any cost,” Panjutha said. Khan was arrested at his residence in Lahore after a court in the capital found him “guilty of corrupt practices”.

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The court sentenced Khan to three years in jail for lying about state gifts he received during his tenure.

“We will file an appeal against the court order on Tuesday,” Panjutha said.
Khan’s legal team asked the Islamabad High Court for better facilities that include a table, chair, television, mattress, personal bedding, clothing, and food.

The plea also asked for permission to meet his wife, legal team, and party leaders.

Pakistani politics have been in disarray since Khan was removed in a parliamentary vote of no confidence in 2023.

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