70-year-old social media personality releases names of his former sexual partners

Francis Van-Lare, a Nigerian businessman, has sparked outrage after releasing names of women he had allegedly had sexual relations with.

He had announced earlier that he would release a list of all the women he had slept with since 1970, in celebration of his 70th birthday.

In a series of posts, Van-Lare wrote:

“I am compiling the names of all the women I have pied since 1970. The first one is Felicia and I published her story on my wall. She even got my mum fired because she will not give her kpkus to the Doctor who owned the hospital they both worked and the Doctor was mid that it was small me that she chose to poi.

“Have your data ready Dec 7 and you see their names and photos. If I have poied you and you do not see your name on the list please inbox me to edit it and add your name.

“If your poi was memorable then I will add it.”

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