Doctor arrested for murder, child trafficking in Rivers

A medical doctor in Rivers State has been arrested for allegedly killing a 20-year-old pregnant woman and selling her baby.

Dr. Happiness Enyinnaya Iheukeumere, also known as Dr. Hagi, was apprehended after a series of disturbing revelations about his involvement in child trafficking and the death of a young woman identified as Racheal Sampson.

The victim’s sister, who has remained anonymous, recounted the horrifying ordeal.

On November 15, 2023, an anonymous caller informed the family that Racheal had died in a car accident.

The caller provided a fake phone number and refused to divulge the location of Racheal’s body.

“My sister had been communicating us through the nurse’s phone while she was at her place so we knew that the nurse had been lying about the entire situation.

“The police went in search of Dr. Happiness but he had absconded. His nurses were arrested and interrogated and they testified that Dr. Happiness was in the business of selling babies as he was arrested last month for the crime.

“The nurses revealed that they were present when the suspect was operating on my sister to harvest the baby.

“They noted that my sister died after he gave her a strange injection.

“We were told that Racheal was in pain till she died.

“The nurses confirmed that the baby was alive and he took the baby to an unknown destination.

“Dr. Happiness was arrested and the police asked him to provide my late sister’s corpse.

“He took them to the morgue where he dumped her and it was discovered that he registered her with another name – Chioma John aged 35.

“He claimed he was her father and registered his name as Chinemerem John.

“When asked about the whereabouts of the baby, Dr. Happiness alleged that the baby died and he dumped the corpse in a bush.

“This man was arrested for child trafficking last month and somehow evaded the justice system.

“He kills his patients, harvests their organs and sells them.

“For some of the patients that would survive, he would sell their babies and lie to them that their babies died.

“We urge the Rivers State government to ensure that justice is served on this matter.”

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