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FG commends National Troupe over drama presentation says it promotes unity

The Federal Government has commended the National Troupe of Nigeria over its drama presentation, “Strings,” a folk musical drama that preaches unity, peace, and understanding in the country.

Dr. Ifeoma Anyanwutaku, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, made the commendation on Saturday night shortly after the drama presentation in Abuja.

The drama was written by Mr. Mike Anyanwu while the production was directed by Mr. Soibifaa Dokubo.

Anyanwutaku said: “The performance has been simply marvelous. What I see here is a clear display of creativity and talent.

“Particularly with the message they put across, unity, peace, and understanding of a country, it is absolutely wonderful.

“I will call on Nigerians to imbibe the message of this performance. We should look at ourselves as brothers and sisters.

“We should look at ourselves primarily as Nigerians and not look at ourselves from a sectional perspective.

“We should consider ourselves as Nigerians and in that way, we will strengthen ourselves, we are stronger and able to move our country forward.”

The Artistic Director of the National Troupe of Nigeria, Malam Ahmed Mohammed, said Strings drew attention toward the strengths of the nation’s shared heritage, unity, peace, and progress.

“Our presentation of Strings this evening here in Abuja is a creative and cultural engagement with the historical and rigorous socio-political journey of Nigeria through the threshold of nationhood.

“Within its various dramatic interplays of doubts, mistrusts, rejections, and acceptance, Strings draws attention toward the strengths of our shared heritage, our unity, peace, and progress,” he said.

The artistic director recalled that the troupe recorded a successful outing on Dec. 3, 2021, when it presented diverse dances during Nigeria Day at the International Expo in Dubai.

“Shortly after the performance of Strings in Lagos, the troupe ended 2021with the successful production of “The Rejected Blessing” for the 9th Children’s Creative Station at Abeokuta, Ogun State on Dec. 30, 2021,” he said.

Anyanwu, on his part, said that Strings was produced to help Nigerians to revisit the nation’s history in order to have a better understanding of the country.

” Strings is a metaphor of what binds us together as Nigerians. It is really a metaphor for what unites us together.

“As you can see in the performance, the child, that Lugard’s baby, is actually linked through the blood to all the clans, generations, and relationships.

“This reminds me of the fact that we have a share of humanity regardless of tribe and whatever.

“What binds us together first and foremost is our humanity and then of course the consciousness that we have a country, that we are citizens of a country.

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“That is our identity because for you to leave us for another country, you leave us a Nigeria and consciousness is at the point of revamping.

“We should raise that consciousness that there is greatness in our diversity. This country belongs to all of us and we must cherish it as it is,” he said.

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