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G7 becomes incubator of destructive initiatives – Russian Foreign Ministry alleges

The Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima showed that the alliance has irreversibly deteriorated and turned into an alleged  “incubator of destructive initiatives” in the world.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the outcome of the G7 meeting was a set of statements filled with “odious passages” directed against China and Russia.

The ministry said the G7 members were trying to prevent non-Western states from developing ties with Moscow and Beijing

It added that the G7 has allegedly turned into an incubator where destructive initiatives that undermine global stability.

“The G7 countries’ attempts to present themselves as advocates of legality and justice in international affairs are a mockery of history and common sense.

“It is evident that the G7 is the main factor exacerbating global problems,’’ it said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry added that the rules advocated by the alliance serve only their own interests.

It added:“ The G7 bloc also attacks the independent policies of non-member countries through economic coercion and information aggression.

“The countries cannot represent the interests of other regions, especially Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America,’’ the ministry said.

“Each of the G7 countries boasts about its reputation for defending democratic values.

”However, in reality, not a single member of this club can boast a clean reputation in term”s of respecting international rights and freedoms.

”The history of all these states is associated with oppression and violation of the rights of others,” the ministry added.

It added that the G7 member states’ call for tackling Russia’s nuclear threat was untenable.

“The real threat emanates from Washington, London, and other capitals of the collective West.’’(Xinhua/NAN) (


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