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IPMAN signs MoU with transporters to end fuel scarcity

Nathaniel Zaccheaus
The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association of Distributors and Transporters of Petroleum Products to end the problems of fuel scarcity in the country

President of the ADITOP, Alhaji Lawan Dan-Zaki, and his counterpart in IPMAN, Mr. Chinedu Okoronkwo, signed the documents on behalf of their groups.


Dan-Zaki lamented that the distribution of petroleum products was being plagued by complex issues resulting in product outages, inflated costs, and disagreements over the product’s pump price.

He said ADITOP was poised toward working with IPMAN and other key players in the industry to tackle the challenges.

He commended the Chairman/CEO of BENHAM Group, Dr. Maurice Ibe, who brought IPMAN and ADITOP together to see how petroleum products could be made available to Nigerians so that the economy would stop suffering.

The ADITOP President noted that the transportation of fuel was very vital.

He said, “IPMAN owns the filling stations and we own the trucks so the synergy will help us and help the marketers to make sure that all their products are delivered to their stations.

“Before now we were doing it independently they do their own and we do our own but now with this crisis and this issue of petroleum scarcity, we found it very expedient to come together to collaborate

“We have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate to eliminate the problems that we are facing.

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“At times we have some problem we need the IPMAN, and going by the nature of their business they can not do without us.

“We are the ones that take the products to them and at the end of the day our misunderstanding makes Nigerians suffer because when two elephants are fighting it is the grass that suffers

He said the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has a lot of products in private depots but the problem was how to take the products around the nation

He said, “The queue you witnessed last week is less. This will continue and all our support we will give to the NNPC and all the relevant authorities and Government to make sure that the issue of scarcity, unnecessary strike, is brought to an end in the oil industry”

The IPMAN President Okoronkwo said the synergy would ensure the free flow and distribution of petroleum products.

He said, “You will agree with me that the mainstay of the economy in this country remains the oil and gas.

“The investment of IPMAN and ADITOP in this sector is running into trillions of naira.

“The major stations you will see, tankers now are as a result of the combined efforts of ADITOP and IPMAN.

“Over time we have not been able to have this kind of synergy and if you look at the investment in transportation it is huge.

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