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Killings, cannibalism, violence in Igbo land linked to influx of ghosts, zombies

The Founder, Ogilisi Foundation, a trado-cultural Organisation based in Oba, Anambra state, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, on Tuesday warned against stockpiling of corpses in mortuaries in the South East.

Oba is in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra.

Ezeonwuka, also known as ‘Spiritual Leader of Igbo Nation’, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Oba.

He said that the growing number of unburied dead bodies lying in different morgues portends negative spiritual implications for the living.

Ezeonwuka described the spirit of the unburied dead as ‘zombies’.

He said that they had the capacity to mutate into different forms and disrupt social and economic activities with unpleasant outcomes.

Ezeonwuka said that the increasing destruction of lives and property is alien in the South East, adding that zombies have possibly possessed the minds of the people.

“The decline seen in Igboland can be blamed on hundreds of thousands of ghosts and zombies emanating from various mortuaries,

“Like I always say, the deposition of corpses in mortuaries across the entire Igbo land is the greatest undoing of our people and the consequences are grave and glaring.

“Almost all economic activities in the South East are shut down every week. It is not normal. It has a spiritual undertone, it can only take place in a nation being possessed by zombies.

“The gruesome killings of our own people, destruction of lives and property, cannibalism, drug trafficking/abuse and violence, ravaging the Southeast today could be directly linked to the influx of ghosts from stockpiled dead bodies in mortuaries into the population.

“Only zombies kill and destroy without thinking,” he said.

Ezeonwuka called on state governments to decongest mortuaries in the area by holding mass burial while urging Churches and families to encourage speedy burial of the deceased.

He said people should focus on giving their living brothers and sisters good life instead of waiting to give them befitting burial when they were dead.

“The souls of the deceased, whose corpses have been littered in mortuaries, are rising up against the living.

”The ghosts are taking up war on the living because the living has failed to bury their corpses so their souls can move back to where they belong.

“It is against the law of nature and that of the spirit, to retain the corpse of a dead person above the ground hours after their demise, the dead should be buried immediately.

“It is unfortunate that when a person is alive, we do not show them love and concern we show to their corpse when they finally drop dead.

“The living should only love a soul when in the physical body.

”Once the soul goes out of the physical body, the good thing you can do for it, is to discard the corpse by immediate commitment to the grave.

”The delay affects the journey of the soul back to God for judgment.

“The idea of storing corpses for days, months and even years, in the mortuaries will destroy the Igbo Nation.

”Clear all corpses in the mortuaries and watch the land unite and progress again,” he said.

Also, Prof Chukwudi Okani of the Histopathology Department, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University School of Medical Science, said there is scientific evidence that dead bodies are spiritually active.

Okani said burying corpses is one way of disposing them, adding that some cultures cremate the bodies and throw away the ash.

He blamed the increase in the number of dead bodies in the mortuaries on culture and religious belief of the people concerned. (NAN)

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