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Lil Frosh’s ex-lover breaks silence over fresh accusations

Lil Frosh’s ex-girlfriend, Gift Camille,has finally broken her silence after the rapper shared screenshots of their chat, accusing her of deceiving Nigerians about their issue and claiming that he never beat her up.

According to the lady, she has never disrespected Lil Frosh’s mother, despite what the rapper claimed in his statement.

In a lengthy video posted on her Instagram page, she apologized to those she felt she had let down and addressed allegations made by Lil Frosh.

She stated, “I’m deeply sorry to everyone that I’ve let down. He made a statement saying I disrespected his mum, I would like to put this out there that I have never disrespected her in any way even when the whole situation was going on, the only time I met his mum was when she came to plead for him, here is the absolute truth, please watch the video till the end.

“Firstly, I’ll like to state that Lil Frosh is lying, not only did he abuse me physically, he abused me verbally and emotionally and there’s proof of that all over the internet.

“Everyone keeps saying it’s an allergic reaction but that is not an allergic reaction.

“In 2021, while the case was still ongoing in court, Lil Frosh reached out to me on call with the statement ‘i need you back in my life’, you’re the only one that can help me get my career back because I’ve lost everything but I refused.

“Out of pity, I agreed to get back into a relationship with my toxic ex with the hope that he has changed and he has become a better person.

“Few months into the relationship, his old attitude started coming back again and it became worse because he started calling my friends and threatening them.

“I told him I wanted to leave and he started being a total psychopath, threatening to kill himself and threatening to post online that we got back together with the wrong narrative that I forced myself back to him to promote his songs.

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