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Man celebrates big after divorce from wife

Abolaji Ayodeji
Mixed reactions have trailed a viral photograph of a man who went all out to celebrate his divorce from his wife.

In the picture, the man could be seen sitting,  with “DIVORCED AF” spelt out behind him with huge balloons.


Reacting to this, some social media users praised the unidentified man while some knocked him for being “excited” about a divorce.

@Magnoliaa said, “I don’t know what the men of today are turning to honestly. All jokes apart. This one is celebrating a divorce? Openly like this and on social media? Does he have family members? Kids? Is this how morally bankrupt we’ve become that a man is celebrating a divorce of all things in the whole world? Is this how much our values have eroded?”

“Publicly telling people with all his mouth that he failed as a LEADER and as a HEAD!

“Because that is exactly what this is… there cannot be two captains in a ship, so I am 100% sure that he alone steered* that marriage to wreck!

“Women are born to be submissive, and have been brought up to be so, to follow a man’s lead… a true man with the right frame anyway, so this one should just go and hang his head in shame for his lack of frame. Spits.”

@Rickpat said, “Lol…na wa, well, only you know wetin you see for that marriage… good luck.”

@Rexymania; “Marriage wey two people start with laughter and happiness, duh turn divorce o lol. God help us.”

@neonly; “D kind fresh air of freedom d guy go dey breath now no get part two, Good luck to him.”

@Cypress042; “Some divorce these day is like coming back from the days work, then you remove your tie, shoe, stockings and lastly your suite. You can only imagine the freedom and free air cheesy. Only those who have been in a toxic relationship would understand cool.”

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@Seniorwriter; “Mad o….but I’m sure he’ll soon become lonely and start a search for someone new!”

@PerfectStranger; “E reach to celebrate man! What a relief.”

@doggedfighter; “Nothing to celebrate , men can’t stay in their homes without women. After celebrating freedom, 2 weeks after now he will start wooing another woman. That’s if he’s not celebrating this with a woman in the background.”

@pocohantas; “If na woman, we for say she is bitter and about returning to the streets, but bless heavens he is a man… So I’ll say “na him know wetin the daughter of Jezebel been do am. Congrats!”

“Marraige na scam created by our founding fathers. Humans were never engineered to marry each other,” @Antimarraige said.


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