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Mr Ibu’s wife, adopted daughter at loggerheads over public donations

Stellamaris Okafor, wife of veteran actor, John Okafor a.k a Mr Ibu, has accused his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okeke of being secretive with the funds donated by the public for her husband’s treatment.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Mrs Okafor stated that Jasmine was not being transparent with the funds donated into one of the actor’s account by well-meaning Nigerians for the treatment of an undisclosed illness.

She described Jasmine as a stranger, who was trying to cause problems in her family through alleged blackmail.

The statement read in part “Hello wonderful Nigerians, friends and well-wishers from all over the world, I want to use this medium to thank everyone who has contributed to the well-being of my husband. He has been responding to treatment and we believe we shall overcome this health challenge to the glory of God.

“Recently there have been some malicious lies being peddled against me as masterminded by Jazmine Chioma Okeke, who wants to make me an outsider in my own home but God forbid. I’ll address Jazmine’s excessive interference in my family affairs and other related matters when the time is right.

“The one million naira they talked about was paid into account my account on my husband’s instructions and in his presence to offset some bills at the home front.

“I don’t understand why Jazmine a stranger should be dragging me over my family matter.

“There was never a time I asked anyone to buy me a car, it was only mentioned in a private discussion between Jazmine and my brother ànd she recorded it as a tool for blackmail.

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“This whole campaign of calumny against me started because I asked for a statement of the Access bank account when I noticed some funny attitude and movement, especially by Jazmine.

“I only asked for transparency in the handling of public donations instead of secrecy and he was let loose. To date, I have no idea of the status of that account.

“I will revisit this matter when the time is right. For now, I leave Jazmine and her gang to their conscience while I concentrate on my husband’s quick recovery.”


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