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My ex-husband beats me up whenever Man U loses, actress Victoria Iyamma reveals

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, has narrated what she went through in her past marriage to her now ex-husband, Godwin Okrim.

Victoria Inyama In a recent interview with Chude, recounted instances where her ex-husband would physically abuse her whenever his favorite football team lost a match.

“I told my pastor one day that this guy, may because, his football team lost to another and he went to go and punch the Tv and as he punched the Tv, I just said something like, ‘Ah, what are we going to be watching?’ And he turned on me like, ‘Is it your father’s TV or your mother?

“Did your father bring any television to this house?’

“And that’s why that football team, I hate them. The number of beaten I receive whenever Man U looses ehn, So now, even up till today, when there’s a football match and Man U loses, I’m like, ‘God’. Thank God, today would have been a beating day.’

“Even my son knows that. My son will be laughing, we just laugh about it. Like, if not, I would have collected today,” she said.

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