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My source of inspiration is a mirror – Slim3y

Fast-rising hip-hop artist, Mojibola Emmanuel Adeola, professionally known as ‘Slim3y’, has been up and good to work with A-list artists in the country. The firstborn of a family of two, he was born and raised in Ojokoro, Agbado Ijaiye Ojokoro, in Lagos State. In this interview with Quadri Akanbi, Slim3y describes himself as a young boy with a big dream and regales how he began his career as a teenager.

What inspired your stage name?
Love, I believe showing love does it all .. The name is actually ‘Slim3 Love All The Time’ .. So, I had to pick the first letter in each of the sentences. That’s ‘SLIM3y’. Lol


When did you start music as a career?
I’ve been doing music since my early teenage years.

What genre of music do you do?
I’m a controversial artist. I do all types of music genres. It depends on my mood. lol

Since you’ve been in the industry, how many songs have you produced so far?
Well, the last time I dropped a song was 2012. And I can’t really say, but the music industry isn’t as big as it is now.

Which qualities do you think make a great artist?
I think you gotta respect the OG’s in the game …Be positive and just do your..

Do you have a mentor?
Yeah, I do… I look up to Wizkid. He’s a big inspiration to me and Lil Wayne.
What is your source of inspiration?
Sometimes when I look into the mirror, the only person I see is myself. And that’s my only competition.

What is your creative process like?
My creative process is a propensity to go inside one’s-self; to find solutions to outside problems that are difficult for some people to find answers or solutions to in the outside world.

Which artist would you most like to collaborate with?
A lot that I can’t even mention…

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into that you could not involve your family. And how were you able to resolve it?
That’s when a friend tried to set me up. I don’t wanna talk about that now. lol

What do you like doing in your free time?
Making music and trading forex.

Again, ASUU extends strike

What is your most embarrassing day as a director?
I’m not a director…

If not music, what else would you have done?
Still music. That’s what I love to do, or be a businessman.

What are your childhood memories like?
It was quite interesting. I grew up with my great granny in the hood. So, it was tough, but we still give thanks. It’s more like suffering and smiling.

During your ND days at Mapoly, you’ve once been on the stage with Zlanta for a rap battle. How was your experience?
It was an interesting show. Zlatan has always been a good rapper and I respect him a lot… He’s my guy/.

What is your memorable experience as an artist?

That was when a lady paid for my lodge in one of the expensive hotels in Lagos…

What’s next for you?
I’m dropping a big project on a special day, a day that everyone has and deliberates on, whether you’re rich or poor…We all have that special day. I will leave you guys to figure that out yourself…

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