NGO Advocates For Active Involvement of Religious Leaders In Combating SGBV

By Deborah Onyofufeke, Abuja

In a resounding call to action, Dinidari Africa, a dedicated non-profit organization, advocates for the active involvement of religious leaders in disseminating messages to combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), aiming to challenge detrimental cultural and ethical norms prevailing in our communities.

Recognizing that societal defenses of injustices, oppression, and abuses against women often hide behind the veneer of culture or religion, Dinidari Africa made this assertion during its annual meeting/workshop focused on crafting targeted messages for social engineering against SGBV in Nigeria.

Lucy James Abagi, Lead Strategist, and Co-founder of Everyone Matters Foundation, emphasized that Dinidari Africa is resolutely committed to addressing the critical issue of formulating precise messages to combat SGBV. She highlighted the remarkable success of ‘The CAAP Project,’ an initiative funded by the Open Society, in igniting collaborative efforts against SGBV.

Over the past nine months, ‘The CAAP Project’ has made significant strides in fostering collaboration among government agencies and media outlets, with a concentrated effort on enhancing women’s protection and eliminating violence through increased awareness of SGBV frameworks.

Dinidari Africa underscores the significance of unity in the fight against SGBV, stressing the need for a common language and messaging platform. The organization advocates for equality, not as a competition between women and men, but as a comprehensive perspective that considers various angles.

Emphasizing the importance of intelligent communication, Dinidari Africa asserts that messages must enlighten communities about the diverse forms of abuse, enabling prompt recognition and response. As a leading non-profit organization, Dinidari Africa remains committed to addressing and preventing SGBV through collaborative initiatives, community outreach, and empowering women with knowledge and resources.

The organization highlights the positive impact of collaborations among government representatives, NGOs, and experts, leading to actionable recommendations and addressing challenges in SGBV mitigation. Dinidari Africa reveals that awareness has been raised through pamphlet distribution in five locations, reaching over 1,000 community members, despite encountered challenges.

In a fervent call to action, Dinidari Africa urges increased support, funding, and collaboration as it steadfastly continues its impactful work, assuring the unwavering commitment to addressing SGBV.

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