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Policemen are biggest criminals in Nigeria – Seun Kuti

Nigerian musician, Seun Kuti, has accused the Nigerian police force of being the biggest group of kidnappers in the country.

In a video sighted by ThisNigeria, Seun Kuti detailed his findings from his time in prison.

He stated that many of these alleged kidnappers were actually police officers themselves, operating as ringleaders within the cell.

He recounted his personal experience of being detained at the Panti police station’s cell one, where he claimed to have been locked up alongside hardened criminals, including murderers and kidnappers.

Speaking in pidgin language, Seun Kuti said, “Nigerian Police, when una go put me for cell one for panti, una think say una dey do me bad, now I can expose the things I found out inside the cell

“Na two cells dey for panti, cell 1 and cell 2, na cell 2 dem dey put celebrities wey dem arrest or dem go put them for oga office but me I no sleep for cell 2, dem put me for cell 1.

“But wetin I discover for cell 1 with all the hardened criminals and kidnappers be say, all the kidnapping group get police inside.

“All the kidnappers wey dey inside cell 1 with me, police dey inside them, in fact, na the police be their real leader.

“No group of kidnappers wey dey that cell with me wey no get police inside, it is either the police dey with us there or them dey find the police.

“The biggest group of kidnappers for Nigeria, na Nigeria Police, anytime you give police money for bail, that’s not bail, that’s ransome, bail is free.

“let’s reverse back, like 6 years ago in this country, they arrested a man called Evans, they said Evans is the number 1 kidnap kingpin of this whole world, since they arrest Evans till now, has kidnapping reduced?

“If Nigerian government is serious about stopping kidnappers, then let the Nigerian workers stop kidnapping Nigerians first.

“If we wan stop kidnap for this country, the first step is to stop the Nigerian Police from kidnapping Nigeria people.

“The first anini arm robbery crew for this country, police na him dey inside, na ex police officer.

In his words, Kuti likened police bail demands to ransom payments, arguing that if individuals are forced to pay for their release, they are essentially being kidnapped by the authorities.

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