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Cubana Shooting :Your career will go down the drain, activist tells Burna Boy

By Ben Ogbemudia, Abuja
Human rights activist, Patrick Eholor has berated artiste, Burna Boy and business mogul, Obi Cubana over the shooting incident at Club Cubana in Lagos.

In an interview with ThisNigeria, Eholor stated that the “Ye” crooner must “apologise to the victims and accept responsibility for his actions and inactions regarding the shooting.”


Recall that police escorts attached to Burna Boy had shot and injured some people at the club over an alleged attempt by the singer to woo the wife to one of the victims.

Reacting to the situation, Eholor said “On June 8, Burna Boy went to Cubana Club in Lagos to enjoy himself. Reaching there, he tried to speak to a woman, and unfortunately, she was married.

“He tried to force her and confusion ensued. Being a coward, he could not do anything but asked his police orderly to shoot. He shot and injured some people and he escaped.

“Look at R Kelly, he is in jail today because America does not condone nonsense. Burna Boy will not do that in America because he knows he will be finished.

“I remember when African China was involved in a scandal in London. It ended his career there and he couldn’t go to London anymore. Chris Rock made a statement against Will Smith’s wife and he slapped the comedian. His career is shaky due to that slap. Actions have consequences.

“Now, why would a local star like Burna Boy do that? He needs to come out and apologise for his actions.

Cubana Shooting: Married woman recounts ordeal with Burna Boy

“If he won’t apologise, who is sure this is not the life he is used to? And, most other stars like him have not come out to condemn his actions. Why? What happened? Is it because they accept it as a norm? If you do nothing and say nothing on certain kinds of behaviour, it means that you agree to that pattern and you accept it as a norm.

“You don’t disrespect a man in the presence of his wife. Every man will fight back. So, Burna Boy needs to come out clean. He needs to be sorry. He needs to be a role model in his chosen career or else he will go down the drain.

“We look up to him to be a role model but instead, he is bringing disrespect to women. Shame on him. Some people may want to justify what he did, but that is wrong.

“Shame on Obi Cubana too. He has not come out to condemn this act, and I am not surprised. He was the same person hanging out with Abba Kyari that was charged for possession of illicit drugs.

“He should be more mature than that. There are people who look up to him and he has disappointed them all,” he said.

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