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How 70-year-old blind woman lost husband, biological children

Abolaji Ayodeji

The story of a 70-year-old blind woman identified as Mrs Mulikat Sofiu is slowly going viral after a Twitter user, Opalere Oluwakayode Paul brought it to fore on Thursday.


According to Paul, the woman, who lives in the Idi-Ape area of Ibadan, had lost her husband and her two biological children, thereby rendering her helpless and subjecting her to abject poverty.

“I used to greet her and give her a token anytime I pass by. But moving close to her, I realized she needs more than this token. She has nobody. All her biological children are late. She refused to go out there to beg, but rather indoors and observe her prayers.

“She said she has gone for a test in her eyes but she has been referred to UCH, Ibadan. And since she has nothing, she has decided to stay indoors like that. I believe we can assist this woman even just with what to eat for some time.

“She has a junior brother, who is also struggling to make both ends meet. I feel for this poor woman as all that can make her happy is for her to be blessed. She has been sleeping on the plank for years because her former bed was attacked by bedbugs,” Paul narrated.

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ThisNigeria reached out to the younger brother of the woman, Oguntayo J. Akin who also resides in Ibadan.

Corroborating Paul’s story, Oguntayo said, “She lost her sight a long time ago. I noticed she couldn’t see properly and she was taken to the hospital.

We were given a very huge bill by the hospital in order to treat the eyes but we could not afford it. The family decided that she should remain indoors while we rally round to take care of her.

“After she lost her sight completely, she suffered a series of misfortunes. She lost her husband and her children. One died after a brief illness while the other died after childbirth.

“It has been difficult for her, myself and the entire family. I have tried all my best and I just do not have the strength anymore. I need someone to care for her while I try to run around for financial aid.

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“When her daughters were alive, they were the ones that take her for medical check-up regularly. Now that they are gone, she is helpless.

“I also need help but her current situation is more important to me. I have been living by faith and any amount pledged to her, I will make sure everything will be given to her accordingly,” Oguntayo said.

Oguntayo can be reached on (08054178916).



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