Why I don’t like granting media interviews, Adunni Ade reveals

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, has revealed that she avoids media interviews due to the public “twisting her words”

Adunni has come under fire for saying that she finds it stressful to speak the Yoruba language.

Reacting to the backlash, she said that she receives a lot of hate from a lot of people who do not understand her choices or respect her preferences.

She wrote, “These are the issues. This is one major reason why I avoid interviews. Everything I say is always twisted and interpreted negatively.

“I said people asking me randomly (most times rudely) erks my nerves. This question had nothing to do with me being featured in Yoruba films.

“The hate I receive from a lot is quite alarming. Why put out a false narrative?
Please note, that I am not dragging position, title, culture, nationality or language with anyone.

“I’m just living my life trying to be the best being and mother to my children.

“Anyone who comes in contact with me knows I’d rather communicate in Yoruba but when in professional settings, I’d prefer to speak in English.

“Y’all need to hear how some would speak to me so rudely and nonchalantly all in the name of speaking Yoruba. Why?”

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