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Why I quit 9 to 5 job – Omotola Odunsi

Fast-rising Nollywood actor, Omotola Odunsi, popularly known as Omotola is from Ogun State, Ago-Iwoye. Born and raised in Ijebu-Ode, she attended her primary and secondary school at Our Lady Of Apostles’ Secondary School. A graduate of Microbiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), he tells Quadri Akanbi the reasons she chooses acting as a career and why she had to quit her 9 to 5 job, for acting.

You are famous in the Nollywood industry; how did you find your way into the acting world, and when did you start acting as a career?
I started acting back then when I was in the university, with Lateef Adedimeji. We wenr a stage presentation, and along the line, I stopped for a while. I came back in 2018 under the leadership of Odunlade Adekola, who is my boss. That was how I found my way into the industry.


How do you describe your acting style?
I will describe my acting style as like whenever I’m given my script. In the character I’m to portray, all I do is digest it because acting is like make-belief. After reading my script, I will visualise and digest it. While digesting it, I will put myself in that character to make it real, that’s my style of acting.

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How do you describe your most challenging role to date?
I have actually done some challenging roles, but to me, they are not challenging enough. I really need more challenging roles, as in I want the industry to give me more challenging roles, roles that they know that I haven’t played before. That is because I love being challenged. Yes, I do and I love working on improving myself because that is what I do daily. I work on myself, and my skills to become the better version of myself.

You are a graduate of Microbiology. How were you able to convince your parents about your acting career?
It wasn’t difficult for me to tell my parents about my chosen career because my parents had prior knowledge of the scene. When I was in secondary school, I belonged to a grammar group. When I got to the university, they saw my passion, and now I am an actor. Before I joined acting, I was working in a bank. As a banker, I was a credit officer. I had to tell them that I had to resign from my banking job because it was affecting me. I couldn’t go for location and all that, and it was cool by them. They supported me, and ever since then, I have been having their support.

Since you’ve been in the industry, how many movies have you produced or acted in so far?
Actually, since I have been in the movie industry I have not produced any movies, but I have featured in more than 60 movies.

Of the lot, which is your favorite movie and why?
I will say all the movies that I featured in are my favourite because some people say there are bad movies, while some say they are good movies. But to me, in some bad movies, you will still learn one or two things in the movie. There is no way someone will produce a movie and the total ranting of the movie will be zero. To me, all the movies that I have featured in are all good movies, because whenever I have been called to a movie set, the first thing to do is to go through the script. From me, reading the script, I will know if the movie set is worth going or not. As I said earlier, no matter how bad a movie is, you will still learn some lessons from it. So, before I go for any job, I go through the script first.

How do you feel when you make your fans get engrossed in the lives of your characters?
Yeah, I feel good when my fans love my character in any movie because I always wanted them to know that I’m up to the task and so whenever I acted my character out in any movie and they love and appreciated it, it’s always a thing of joy for me when they appreciate it and love it, it makes me feel blessed and more motivated.

As an actor, which actor and actress do you admire most and why?
As an actor, the actor I admire the most is my boss Odunlade Adekola. I said that anytime, any day, I admire him so much, because he’s so very smart, intelligent. His full knowledge is emulated.
I admire him a lot.

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What do you like doing in your free time?
I am the kind of actor that does really want to know more and so more. I don’t have the ability to go and study more abroad concerning my career. I do browse the net and youtube to learn more about my job.

What is your reaction to the people who mimic you?
Lol! It’s a thing of joy to me when I see people mimicking me, my job, or any character that I play in a movie. It is a thing of joy, lol! I am always happy, I will be like wow! So people are really watching and observing my works? It’s a thing of joy for me really.

What does the word hunger mean to you?
Hunger means when I need to learn more and when I need to Know more. “I’m always the kind of person I am, always hungry to learn more and to know more. and I’m always hungry to add more value and innovation to myself.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Presently I do not have any personal upcoming projects but I have a lot of featured jobs that I have to do. To the glory of God, I am trusting God for funds to embark on my own project.

What is your most embarrassing day as an actor?
My most embarrassing day? hmmm okay, presently as I am now, I don’t have a car. There was a time I was called to a movie location in Lagos and I had to leave from Abeokuta to Lagos. At that time, I had to go with my luggage and it was plenty; my costume and other necessary things.

When I got to the movie location, we had to move from that particular venue to another place. I didn’t have a car. I am still trusting God for it.

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