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DNA test is not important unless… – Actor Rotimi Salami

Tobi Adebayo
A Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami has said that it is not important to conduct DNA tests on children unless someone comes to claim them.

Salami stated his position in the controversial DNA test debate via Instagram on Tuesday.


A Twitter user simply identified as Dr Penking had claimed that he was receiving death threats from women following his announcement about the opening of a laboratory in Lekki, offering a 75% discount on DNA tests.

Reacting to the debate, Salami added that men should save themselves from a heart attack and protect the child’s emotions too.

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“I honestly think DNA test is not important unless someone is dragging your child with you. If you have a child you are raising, you do not need to go finding out the paternity. Every child is your child.

“A father is someone who raised a child, not necessarily the sperm giver. Save yourself the heart attack and protect that child’s emotions too,” Rotimi Salami wrote.

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