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Drunk man reportedly beats wife to death over sex

A drunk man has been reported to have killed his wife over sex on Sunday in June after she got back home from her brother’s wedding.

It was gathered that the woman (Mrs. Ugieki Ovbokhan Asemota) was beaten to death by her drunk husband because she refused him sex.

According to a source, the deceased returned home from her brother’s wedding, when she got home she noticed her husband was drunk.

The sources further reported the incident occurred on Sunday at about 11 pm-midnight saying: ”he came with an axe banging on his wife’s room’s door asking her to open the door or he will break the door that he wants to have sex with her but she refused in her word ” I can’t because you are drunk and you’re smelling drink please go to your room and leave me alone”.

The woman had no idea that he had already heard the sound that she was opening the window on getting down the window which she intended to use to escape the man dragged her down, hit her head on block, and started beating her.

Her pleading that he should leave her alone that she was losing strength fell on deft ears the next thing he did was to grab the wood and hit on her head.

The source stated that immediately he saw she’s no longer moving he stopped and hid the wood and ran away .


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