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I took to gospel music to avoid unnecessary competition –Minister Vic O.

Fast-rising gospel singer, Victor Ojonugwa Onoja, popularly known as Minister Vic. O, hails from the Igala-speaking part of Kogi State, Nigeria. Raised in Lagos, he was born in the late 90s, the second in a family of seven. Minister Vic. O had his primary and secondary education at Emineet Comprehensive College in Lagos. He then progressed at the Espam Formation University in Cotonou, the Benin Republic, where he bagged a B.Sc in International Relations. In this conversation with Quadri Akanbi (Godsent), the actor gives the details on how he started his music career in a church at the age of nine, with two of his friends and siblings…

How did you discover your talent and how old were you then?


Growing up as a child, music was one thing that easily caught my attention. I’d always wanted to listen or dance to the sound of music, and also my mum being a committed Christian and regular churchgoer, was always taking us to church. I developed a love for music. I would want to stay with the choir for their practice, regardless of being older than I was then. I would then go home to replicate what I heard and see them do at the choir and church service.

I discovered I could sing at a very young age. I would do anything, literally do anything, as a microphone act on a stage ministering to an audience in my mind.

I was about nine years old when my two friends and my immediate younger sister created a music group called ‘Divine Voice’. We used to minister at the adult church every first Sunday, and would always give special numbers in the children’s church.

A lot of youths preferred secular music or hip-hop; what makes you choose the gospel genre?

Well, as a believer of Christ, your main purpose is to worship God; number one. There is joy I have when I’m worshiping, I don’t think I can find that joy doing it the other way.

Every industry, including the entertainment industry, is full of competition; what do you do to stand out amidst competition?

Ok, as a gospel artist, the main purpose is to worship God and to win souls to God, but as much as it is so, I will want to shy away from the competition amongst ourselves. It is still inevitable. So, what I do to stand is to focus on Christ and keep being me, as well as strive to get better in my craft.

What is your source of inspiration?


If not the Gospel, what will you be doing?

If not gospel music, I’d probably be doing a 9-5 or business which is still in view.

How do you describe your biggest challenge when you are performing on the stage and the sound people weren’t giving you the proper sound you want? How do you relate to them?

When I’m on stage and I’m not feeling the sound, I try much to communicate with them, because of this. The Holy Spirit takes over while ministering the sound and also plays a key role in our ministry nowadays. I go as far as communicating on the microphone to let them know what needs to be done. To avoid stories that touch the heart…

As a gospel artist, which other artists do you admire most, and why?

If I have followed quite a number of gospel artists for a while now, the likes of Chioma Jesus, Peterson Okopi, Dare Justified, Moses Bliss, and Mercy Chinwo. I like their consistency, and they keep getting better at what they do.

Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with, and why?

Mercy Chinwo, Dare Justified, Chioma Jesus, as I mentioned earlier. I like the fact that they love God and go all out for things of God’s kingdom.

What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

Keep doing what you’re doing and never stop being you. Being you will always make you stand out from the rest.

Which qualities do you think make a great musician?

You must have a good sense of hearing. Understand the mood of the music. You must be able to work with a team, and also a solo artist.

What’s your day like as an artist?

Regular day, just like every other person, except that I’ve invested more in music.

As an artist, which instrument is your favourite instrument, and why?

The keyboard and any string instruments? It was love at first hearing, or if there’s any other word to say, I don’t just love them.

What is the most embarrassing experience you have had?

Hmmmm! I might have to skip this because I haven’t gotten over it.

Are there any new projects From you?

One on a worship/praise medley and also a collaboration with one of the artists I mentioned earlier. Just keep your finger crossed and anticipate the best.

Are you in support of DNA tests in the family?

Hmmm! It depends on the level of trust in the family.

What advice do you have for young people who are just starting their careers, specifically concerning music?

Keep pushing and don’t stop doing what you do best.. it will all end in praise.

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