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Viral comment: Resign for peace to reign, Edo PDP stakeholders tell Aziegbemi

Concerned Edo North and South PDP Stakeholders have demanded the resignation of the Edo state PDP chairman, Dr Tony Aziegbemi over a controversial statement he made regarding the state gubernatorial primaries.


In a viral video, Aziegbemi was seen telling a gathering of people believed to be PDP faithful that the gubernatorial candidate for the party must be of Esan extraction.


“It is now time to keep our eyes on the ball. From now henceforth it is for all of us to queue behind the governor so that we can make that right choice and PDP should remain in Osadebey Avenue and make sure that that person, that man or woman is one of our own, is of Esan extraction,” Aziegbemi said.


Following the backlash he faced over the statement, the Edo PDP chairman tendered an apology in a letter, assuring that a level playing field would be provided for the 2024 gubernatorial election.


Reacting to Aziegbemi’s apology, Edo PDP stakeholders described it as medicine after death, adding that his resignation was the best course of action to take for peace to reign in the party.

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“Mr Chairman, our attention has been drawn to an apology letter written and signed by you with respect to an obvious position you have taken on the Edo 2024 Gubernatorial primaries.


For clarity purposes, you have said your mind, what you will do, and how you will ensure with your office as the Chairman of PDP Edo State for a candidate of an *Esan* *Extraction* to emerge.


Your apology is well accepted, but it does not take away the fact of what you’ve made up your mind to do if given the opportunity to oversee the primary process.


We still demand that in your humble approach to write an apology letter, you should be humble enough to resign as Chairman for the sake of transparency during the process.


Please resign for the sake of peace in our Party. Thank you, Mr Chairman,” the statement read.



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