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Alleged theft: Lizzy Anjorin breaks silence, claims fellow actress set her up

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, has reacted to accusations of theft and the use of fake bank alerts at a market in Lagos.

In a video sighted by ThisNigeria, Anjorin could be seen sitting in a store trying to defend herself and stop people from recording her.

According to unconfirmed reports she allegedly made a fake bank alert at a store where she went to buy gold.

Reacting, Anjorin denied the allegations of stealing gold, stating that the incident was about a purported failed transfer of N91,000 that she paid to an accessory seller on Tom Jones in the Idumota area of Lagos.

Anjorin, in a video, expressed her shock and dismay at being implicated in such a scandal.

She stated, “I am shocked to hear about the accusations leveled against me. I categorically deny any involvement in theft or the use of fake bank alerts.

She alleged that she was set up similarly to filmmaker Olajide Kareem, alias Seun Egbegbe.

Anjorin also accused a famous actress (name withheld) of being behind the mishap. She questioned how the actress knew the story so quickly if she was not involved.

Speaking in pidgin, she said: “Shepeteri you are not smart, this afternoon you updated, you con comment, you con put lonely at the top, me I dey watch you as you self dey watch me.

“Shepeteri you con remind me how you take set up Seun Egbegbe, you know say na the same concept you do for me today, na accessories I go buy o, you know say I be tailor, I bought the accessories last year November 17.

“I go buy the accessories 91,000, I collect the guy account details, my husband help me transfer the money, I asked the guy, did you see the money he said no, I left.

“I left for about 2 hours, then after two hours, I came back, he said he has seen the money and the guy gave me the accessories.

“They don everything wey them wan do, I con see the guy, the guy say the money wey I transfer the other time say the money no go, I say why you no call me, the guy no talk, I tell am say the money don go.

“I con ask am which month, the guy no remember the month, the guy con start to dey gather shepeteri members, i don tell una say I dey hustle, I no fit sleep around with politicians.

“Immediately, they don stripe me, comot my hijab, they con dey tell me make I sidown like arm robber, I say no, I no dey sidown, I con dey ask the guy say, I pay you the money, the guy say I no pay am,

“They wan treat me like arm robber, I know say na set up, they don go arrange wetin dem go take burn me, they con tell me say make I go out, them plenty.

“Me I come market come hustle and una wan kill me, them plenty o, ah them plenty, you know say na set up, so them plenty, they con tell me to go out, I con tell them say, if I go out, if anything happen to me, you self you no go go.

“I was there with them for four hours, they were videoing and bragging, the were saying they will kill me, they are shepeteri’s team, I won’t leave here alive.”

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