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Cheating is part of every man, says actor Baba Tee

Popular Nigerian actor and comedian, Babatunde Bernard Tayo, also known as Baba Tee, is under fire over his comment on cheating in relationships.

Baba Tee, in a podcast show, said that cheating is inherent to men and that women should resort to extreme measures to prevent it.

According to Baba Tee, artificial intelligence (AI) might be the answer for those who want loyal and faithful partners, as AI does not have human emotions or tendencies.

“A man will always cheat till the kingdom comes. When you are shagging a girl, your mind is still with your woman.

“Cheating is part of men’s next kin, whether you like it or not.

“Maybe in your generation, you’ll have to marry AI, A programmed machine that doesn’t have blood in his veins, that would be your husband that you keep,” he said.

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