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How I lost all my property to my ex-wife – Emeka Ike

Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike, has revealed how he lost his land, house and everything he had to his ex-wife.

He made the revelation in an interview on Rubbin’ Minds programme aired on Channels Television on Sunday.

The 56-year-old actor alleged that he had been deprived of access to his kids for two years, with their phones switched off and their whereabouts unknown.

“It’s difficult to clarify yourself because the same people that are bullying you on the Internet, they are still there, they’re going to say whatever they feel like.

“They were like, no, don’t mind him, he’s still missing her. Why? Go ahead, move on.

“And if you are not prepared to handle it, you’ll be crushed.

“My secondary school, St. Nicholas College was shut down over 480,000,000 naira investment was shut down and all I had was constant battery and I was always saying, look, I don’t beat this lady. What’s going on?

“I went on air I was like I never beat this lady, you’re a star I never did.

“I felt I was gullible until I discovered that she was the one behind this whole thing, she told me one time that I’m not the marriage type.

“I was busy grouping with the blackmail, I didn’t know it was much more than that, so it was crazy

“My school was shut down, students were told to go home, on the same day I was on the air, heading for a movie shoot in America, they already knew I was travelling, they were planning it.

“She rang the bell and all the children came out and she said: ‘I’m shutting down this school right now, y’all have to go tell your parents to put you in another school’.

“I came back home to nothing, my house, my property has been moved. I lost 80% of my land.

“I was investing in someone who wasn’t investing in me,” he said.

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