I want to rule world of professional wrestling, says JPJ

Samuel Junior Omene is the son of Jimmy Palm, the African dream popularly known as ‘Chairman’ in the Nigerian and the African professional wrestling arena.

He is the founder of the African Wrestling Organization (AWO), a body that has produced talents across the African continent.

We can count the number of wrestlers who handed over batons of pro-wrestling activities to their sons internationally; while some were even active at the same time in different locations and arenas fighting simultaneously with their children.

The list that we cannot exhaust consists of Ric Flair – David Flair; Dusty Rhodes – Dustin Rhodes; Johnny Valentine – Greg Valentine; Fritz Von Erich – Kerry, David, Mike and Kevin; Bob Armstrong – Brian Brad Scott Steve and Jerry Lawler – Brian Lawler.

Others are; Rocky Johnson – The Rock, Stu Hart – Bret, Owen, Bruce, Keith, Smith, Wayne, Dean, Ellie, Diana, Georgia, Allison; Ivan Putski – Scott Putski, Verne Gagne – Greg Gagne and Boris Malenko – Dean and Joe amongst others.
Jimmy Palm Junior, is the current AWO Welterweight contender and he is leaving no stone unturned to prove to the Wrestling world what he’s capable of doing. He said

“I am not building on the achievement of my dad Jimmy Palm but on my own legacy as a super talent. I have been on this game in the last 10 years and I can categorically say that I have come of age.
” I deserve the African Wrestling Organization welterweight title against all comers from any part of the continent. I will not relent until I clinch it. This is the set time” explained Junior.

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Sounding philosophical, he said, ” My Dad Jimmy Palm is the African Dream, though, I have my own dreams too which is to compete internationally among the roughest and the toughest in the industry.

“I have a dream which is to rule the world of pro wrestling. I know that I can achieve that dream. My time is now. This is the set time. If you think you can do it, you can and I am sure I can for my time has come” concluded the young talented mats man.

JPJ who has Ruffy ‘’J’’ as his toughest opponent so far and Jack Western as his roughest opponent till date described his match with Mighty Warrior as his most memorable one.

Other respected wrestlers on his list are Hulk Hogan, Bret ‘’Hitman’’ Hart, Jimmy Palm “The African Dream” and Mr. Sharpman while personality he would like to meet is the American President and to him, he sees that dream becoming a reality with time. JPJ who cherishes white colour has his favourite food as pounded yam with egusi soup (melon) and water as his favourite drink.

Born on the 4th December 1992 at Sapele in Delta State, JPJ started his pro-wrestling career in 2003 as he has a sincere interest in the sports as a kid. He was trained by his dad Jimmy Palm, the African Dream who is the best Nigerian pro-wrestling trainer for now under the African Wrestling organisation.

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