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The problem with the average Nigerian, mainly from our part of the country is that we deliberately allow hatred to blindfold our sense of reasoning.

How can anybody conclude that Wike is on a political vendetta when you are not on the ground to know what led to the decisions he has taken in the FCT so far? Out of the 165 plots of land revoked, if two or three happen to belong to people perceived to be political opponents of Wike, should that stop him from performing his duty?

Such thinking should be mischievous when one fails to acknowledge the gravity of the offence of failing to develop allocated lands in choice places in the city for YEARS, against property ownership rules in the city. Why will people not be objective for once? Those who cry for ‘justice’ or complain about ‘injustice’ themselves will not even conceive justice or fairness in their judgment of others. This is a paradox about the black man- the Nigerian!

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Those who think we can make progress in this way as a nation are in the class of those retarding our collective progress. How dare we vilify, disparage and malign someone who has records of performance, boldness and temerity to stand against anti-people and won laurels, even from the least expected critics; and eulogise failures, wickedness, mendaciousness, insincerity and dishonesty.

Wike has stood out amongst the many Nigerian politicians that you can count on any day. He has remained a pivotal voice against political intimidation and domination of the South, a position that caused him the presidential ticket of his party; fought for and achieved a power shift to the South.

Enough of this insipid tirade against Wike, our hero of modern Nigerian political engagement.

By P.A.Giwa, Edo North, Edo state.

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