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Scientists revive ‘zombie virus’ trapped for almost 50,000 years

By Abolaji Ayodeji with Agency Report
French Scientists have revived the ‘zombie virus’ that was trapped for almost 50,000 years in the Siberia Lake of Russia.

According to Science Alert reports, the ‘zombie virus’ was trapped deep in the frozen water of the Siberian lake.

The research was conducted by French scientists from the National Center For Scientific Research, and other scientists from Germany and Russia.

“Due to climate warming, irreversibly thawing permafrost is releasing organic matter frozen for up to a million years, most of which decomposes into carbon dioxide and methane, further enhancing the greenhouse effect.

“Part of this organic matter also consists of revived cellular microbes (prokaryotes, unicellular eukaryotes) as well as viruses that remained dormant since prehistorical times.”

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Professionals also warned that the “revival of an ancient unknown virus” would be more disastrous to living things alive.

“It is therefore legitimate to ponder the risk of ancient viral particles remaining infectious and getting back into circulation by the thawing of ancient permafrost layers.”

Findings revealed that there are two other ancient viruses, such as a “30,000-year-old virus trapped in permafrost in north-eastern Siberia and zombie worms that had been frozen for 24,000 years in the Arctic”

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