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Defamation: Comedian AY files petition against Facebook user, Agozi Samuel

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, better known as AY, has filed a petition with the Delta State Police Command against a Facebook user identified as Agozi Samuel for alleged criminal defamation and cyberstalking.

It can be recalled that Samuel, through his Facebook account “Agozi Comedy,” accused AY of having an extramarital affair with May Edochie, the wife of actor Yul Edochie.

Samuel further alleged that AY played a role in the ongoing marital crisis between the couple.

AY confirmed the petition in a post via his Facebook account on Monday, stating that individuals need to be held accountable for their actions on social media.

He wrote, “It has come to the point where People should start taking responsibility for their actions on social media.

“They are a lot of things that I have been letting go from colleagues, bloggers and clout chasers concerning my person. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

“Social media is now the new king Kong where claims to feelings are now more important than objective facts.

“If a foolish person comes out and says something that unlocks the feeling of a audience, people start commenting negatively without getting to the
nitty-gritty of the matter.

“There are a lot of things that i have promised myself not to let go this year. Especially when it has a lot to do with imagery, false accusations, malicious behaviors etc.

“The fact that the Internet has become a prevalent part of people’s daily lives globally, and how connected everyone is, proves that our vulnerability has increased.

“So it is very easy for your online reputation to be connected to your real-life reputation; and therein lies the power ascribed to the Internet.

“The more i continue to disregard or accept all these fake apologies flying online, the more all these acts of wickedness are designed to hurt me, my career, ambitions, and even relationships.

“It is easy to always ask someone to ignore and watch the whole situation die a natural death. The internet never forgets and taking actions would help counter those accusations because in the future when your name gets googled, all of these nonsense will appear, and if there are no counters like police petitions and court cases validating ones innocence, the internet will paint it as though these idiots were right and that stigma will just remain on the internet, so ACTIONS MUST BE TAKING AGAINST THESE LUNATICS.”

The petition details how Samuel’s accusations, which AY vehemently denies, have caused him significant distress and reputational damage.

AY’s legal team is seeking the arrest, investigation, and prosecution of Samuel for the coordinated malicious and baseless publication of these false claims.

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