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Develop FCT villages before they go into extinction, Piwoyi, Bwari village head tells FG

Village Head of Bwari Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory, His Royal Highness, Timothy Sayibu Duste Pe Piwoyi (Sokale) speaks on why the Federal Government should develop villages around the territory before they go into extinction, in this interview with ELIJAH KETURAH

As a village head, what challenges do you face in your community?
As the village head, at least I have ruled this community for more than 11 years now and we keep facing some challenges which are police outposts and roads. We have been on the issue of police outposts for so many years. Security is key, we are expected to have a police outpost for security reasons to secure our community and also to settle disputes amongst us.

Because the village head or cabinet members cannot be settling disputes all the time we can settle land disputes, but can’t settle Crime cases. Concerning our lack of road, we have written to the government in respect to the lack of road and we are still waiting for their response. The road is in a bad situation right now, we wish the government can respond immediately. For me, I can’t even go home in my car because the roads are bad. So, I pack my car at the junction before climbing the bike to my house.

How do you settle disputes among members of the community?
As the village head, I can’t be everywhere, I have the cabinet members that I delegate to settle disputes amongst them. I have the Madaki, Tukurah,Ghaglu, Waziri and so many more. I also make sure every tribe has its head. For instance, if there’s a dispute between an Igala man and a Gbagyi man, I will call the Igala head and the Gbagyi head for an immediate response. This has helped us in a very good way, to respond to community members immediately, if it’s something that needs my attention, that is when I go. But my community members are peaceful people, not much crisis amongst ourselves but there must be some differences because we are all humans.

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Is the level of crime in the community that disturbing?
As I said, we are very peaceful. So, the crime rate is very low, that is why we need the police post so that they can protect us from other invaders, like what is happening in the country now. The security is supposed to be very tight because right now at night we have only the vigilante members who patrol in the night in case of any emergency. The vigilante members are also part of us, who sacrifice themselves to protect the community, in our little way, we provide equipment for them like touch lights, drinking water during the night, and so on. But I know they need more encouragement like stipends to motivate and appreciate their effort. I am also a member of the vigilante group, my position is inspector two, so, I understand the responsibility and how they feel.

Don’t you think the community can be demolished by the government because it is under the electricity high tension cable?
I can’t be sure of that. I can’t say yes and I can’t say no. Because this is F.C.T and of course they are new development every day. So we don’t know what the future holds for us and members of the community cannot and will say the Federal government should come and demolish their community. So that I don’t know.

How do you think the erosion challenges facing the community can be addressed?
We have called the government to look into that situation because it is not something we can do by ourselves. It is a huge task, they came to check the gully, the water drainage system and the erosion disturbing us and they promised them and it will assist. We are waiting for their response and I pray they look into it.

What do you think the Federal Government should do with regards to the situation in the community?
We have written to the Federal government to assist us in this community and we were able to reach them through the Chairman of the Bwari Area Council. I will like to use this medium to call on the government again to ass us with the bad road and erosion problems we face in the community.

We will be glad if our request is granted and most importantly not only our community but the entire villages in FCT for it to be good. The government should assist so that not only some places in F.C.T enjoys the good road and other amenities. Other villages like ours should also benefit.

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